Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Another Birthday!

Some 360 something days have gone bye,

It baffles me how time flies

I'll be a year older in a few days.

This reminds me of my tenth birthday. On that day I actually checked my height and weight and I was dissapointed to see that nothing really has changed.
My thought- since I was a year older, I believed something about me should change (physically).
The way kids think.

Now in my twenties I know you are guessing early, mid or late twenties whatever I'm 2o something .
This time around I'm not going to check my height or weight but I'm going to weigh somethings.
Future, Relationships, Purpose, Career,...
This counts now! not height or weight. LOL

Friday, January 22, 2010

A life of Purpose, A purpose for Life

In the last Two weeks, i have been involved in one incidence or the other which I escaped narrowly by the hand of God.
These has got me thinking that for a life that is preserved, it means there is purpose for such. This increased the desire to know more of purpose for which God has created me.

This is my story...
The first was close to a major road on my way to work, this funny looking guy whom I cant really remember how he looks likes walked up to me and pulled out something from the bag he was carrying and pointed it at me. lo and behold it was a gun. I took a quick glance at it and that was the last the thing I could remember.
All that was running through my mind while I was running was: have I been shot? , I'm I sure I'm still here, was i bleeding? Guess what i took to my heels. This a response to stimulus. I wouldn't have done this if I took a thorough thought of it. I ran to catch a bus. Then I wondered why the guy did not give me a chase. I'm sure he did not expect my reaction. He was too surprised to follow me.
The bus officer told me the bus was not going through my route. I insisted on following the bus telling him a guy was after my life or bag (or both).
What was even in this bag? My very own laptop, some books and very important documents. So this guy would have taken all away. Never!
Scene 2 was just a close shave to motor bike accident. For a second I was wondering why people around were shouting. What happened? the next second made things clearly. A bike with two guys on it was on top speed and was braking when he saw I would not stop. cause I was actually crossing the road. What was I thinking of? life, babe, food?
All I can remember was that I jumped raising my right leg (like in those action movies) and the motorbike handle just bruised my abdomen. All in 3 secs. I left the scene immediately patting down my own body. Hoping that I was not hurt.
I left the scene also thanking God. It was so dramatic. I would have been on Plaster now suffering from a crushed leg. God forbid!
As if that was not enough the third scene got me scared. Was in a bus and I guess the driver was either high on alcohol (or something else) or the brakes just failed.
He decided he would not stop until he made a good inelastic collision (little from my physics class) with a pathfinder jeep. My grip was not firm enough. so i saw myself almost on the floor (in the bus) with a bruised wrist. We got off the bus immediately. Thank God again.
Now I was getting scared but I had to assure myself. If God saved me from these then. He will do more.
When the purpose of a thing is not known, surely abuse is inevitable.
I cant expose myself to abuse , I'm on purpose
I have a purpose I know,
I must know it all,
I must live it to the fullest,
I must fulfill it.
I'm not here to play,
I'm not here for games
I'm here for impact and to impart not to impress.
A life without purpose can be anything and even achieve anything (The last time I checked anything meant nothing)
Know your purpose run for it, stay on it, achieve it, never turn away from it.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

My Heart Goes Out!

Since the breaking of the news of the 7.0 earthquake of Haiti on CNN, alot of things have gone through my mind. Seeing picture and videos of the catastrophic disaster that hit Haiti was terrifying. The site of mass dumps of dead bodies was very horrifying.
People were trapped in rubbles and wreckage of buildings and structures left behind by the earthquake.
The 9million plus population was thrown into disarray. This dissaster will no doubt take them back in the line of development.
Haiti being a country that has a history of natural disaster like Tsunami floods. This is one of the poorest countries in the West if not the poorest.
My first close encounter with Haiti was a few year back when I heard a story about Haiti and Haitians.

I was told that the the American Embassy in Haiti is conspicously and distinctly located amongst other building in Haiti (Not sure about this) with sophistication and beauty compared with other buildings around it.
When you greet and average Haitian, the responce is usually "I am not worse", meaning I might not better than yesterday, but I'm not worse.
One comment about the disaster that struck me is the fact that Haiti might not recover from the earthquake or it might take up to 10 years for recovery. For a country that was poor and was just trying to survive.
My consolation is the hope and will to survive that the citizen possess. They are indeed strong having gone through alot.

You have a part to play in the restoration of the hope for Haiti. You can pray, volunteer or donate to this cause. For more ways to make an impact click here

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