Sunday, August 15, 2010

3rd Time...My Testimony

Hello readers,
My last post was 35 days ago. I had no intention of staying off blog ville but I've been busy with work. I just pop-in once in a while to read other other blogs coupled with the fact that I also had a writer's block hence, I have a couple of unfinished posts.
I blogged about a similar experience a few months back. This is the 3rd episode of such...
Each new day is God's Gift to you what you do with it is your Gift to God
This is my testimony.....
My day started early like every other day and I had a report from work I had to finish as it was due later in the day.
5 am: I started this report and needed to finish complete a particular a drawing. It was taking so much of my time so I decided to finish it when I get to work. up at work.
6:35 : I was getting late. Though I was through with all the necessary stuff and before I set out I called a colleague to know where the staff bus was at that time to avoid waiting at the busstop unnecessarily.
The call gave me a relief. I still had 15 minutes to get to my bus stop.
At about 6:45 I set out only to waited at the gate of the house. I was barely through receiving a call when I noticed a motor bike on the adjacent street. Within 20 seconds I saw the same motor bike a few meters away from me.
Two men were on the bike. The rider and the other guy left nothing for suspicion. He was well dressed, wearing a red guinea kaftan and also wore a cap. He was just drawing the gun when I noticed it and all I did was to take a flight back through the gates into the house. Surprised by my reaction, they took off. I'm sure they never anticipated my action. I waited for a few minutes to be sure they were gone. Going out again was not easy but I had to go to work. so I summoned courage.

I could have been hurt, my laptop (no data backup), phones, important documents, ATM cards, IDs, cash would have been lost.
I thank God as I asked myself a few questions:

What if he ran after me?
What if he shot the gun?
what if i did not see then coming?
what if the gate was locked?
What if what if?
The only answer I got was my need to give thanks to God for my sparing life and property.
I took me a few hours to get back to myself.
I was in shock all day and cant remember how I was able to do some work in the office.
The next morning, on my way to work, I was very cautious but I told myself I did not save myself the previous day so He who has kept me will not forsake me.

I pray it does not happen again. but I hold on to the fact that God is faithful.

Its good to be back :)


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