Friday, October 1, 2010

Are We There Yet?

On a cold saturday morning in the City of aquatic splendour, all hearts were filled with high hopes and excitement. The long awaited freedom was just a few hours away and the people were ready to embrace it. They believed it was all they needed to be free, to live their lives and have the oppurtunity to run the affairs of their nation by them selves and practically have their own future in their hands. It was meant to be freedom from slavery, dictatorship and every form of neocolonialism.

They embarked on a journey to the land of freedom and they believed the abundance of resources in their land and their ability to till the God-given fertile soil to produce the best of crops will sustain them and fasttrack growth and development.

Through the years, they had problems of leadership. The elected and the military dictators.
The diversity of culture, religion and tribes among them posed a lot of
challenges especially in leadership.
Their boat has been rocked by many storms which would have rendered them a failed state.
Religious and civil crises were not far fetched.

After Five decades, they seem not to have arrived their promised land yet, are they making any progress? when will they get there? These are questions they will find difficult to answer. Not even their leaders can answer any of these questions.
This reminds me of the biblical story of the Israelites. They journeyed for 40 years. A journey that was supposed to be for 40 days.

Oh God of Creation.....
Direct Our Noble Cause....
Guide Our Leaders Right.....
Help Our Youths to Know the Truth....
This is our Golden Jubilee...
We might not be there yet, but were are definitely on the path.
We are not yet where we want but we are not where we used to be
The progress might be slow and discouraging.
The good news is if we don't give up we will get to the promised land very soon.

God Bless Nigeria

Happy Independence Anniversary
Happy Golden Jubilee

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