Saturday, December 12, 2009

When Abnormal becomes Normal

When the untrue becomes true
You have bought a lie, in exchange for the truth
You used it and We got used to it
So you don't care to know
It doesn't bother you
The reality is dawning
You put the reality in denial
Truly you have bought the untrue
The truth has been slain, murdered in cold blood
Your conscience has been sheared

When abnormal becomes normal
It is a sign you have been used to disorder
When you are used to pain, then relief , comfort becomes abnormal
when you are used to poverty and lack, Then abundance, provision, wealth and good living becomes abnormal
When you are used to hatred & a broken heart, Love a mirage, it becomes abnormal
When you get uses to injustice, then justice becomes improper
When you get used to failure, then sucess, breakthrough becomes unattainable
When you get used to YOU, your comfort zone, a better you becomes unrealistic

Change is the only constant thing they say
Undo your thoughts to impossibility and glue it to optimism and possibilities
Then the untrue and the abnormal really becomes unacceptable.


nonaandnea said...

This is actually true in many aspects. Makes me think of how some people so unused to getting things like attention or love, they don't know how to react to it. I know I don't. xD

30s flirty and thriving in 9ja said...

When abnormal becomes normal
It is a sign you have been used to disorder

Reminds me of Nepa in Nigeria. Makes me suspicious when we get light for a long time. Its sad when the normal becomes abnormal.

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