Monday, April 15, 2013

Marriage: Enjoy or Endure?

It is a  noticeable trend that most singles are gradually slipping out of that idea of having a perfect relationship or a long lasting relationship or marriage or simply having a happy marriage.
They already have a preconception that all guys or ladies cheat and have already given their boyfriends, girlfriends or spouses that blank cheque of cheating and not to disappoint them, he or she makes full withdrawal.
Our values are changing, and our expectations from what God designed to be a bliss are being degraded.
Young people are opting for celibacy. They'll rather stay single that end up in that kinda marriage they find in the society. Happy today, punching bags the next. Couples are often changing to clients seeking divorce. This isn't God's blueprint.

I know people who are married and I 'believe' they are happy. They are the ones who don't tell you all men/women are cheats. They tell you marriages work. I'm not leaving out the fact that some people hide all their issues so well. There is just how far you can go hiding some things. If there is no love it will surely manifest.

All these ideas we already have are a result of our personal experiences. The marriages we have seen around us. It could even be our parents or what they have told us and made us believe about the concept of marriage.

What's your motive for getting married?
The question of purpose/motive is one question we fail to answer with respect to the things we do in life even asides marriage. When the purpose or use of a thing is not known, abuse is inevitable.
People go into marriages for the very wrong reasons or without having a good idea of why they are there.
I've heard people say they are old enough. If only age was enough to make you have a happy home. Although in our society, the pressure mounts (esp on ladies) as they approach their 30s.

Two people can't work together except they agree. But its sad that people go into marriages without an agreement on how they'll handle things. How they'll resolve issues. The leave the decision to 'when we get to the bridge, we'll cross it'

Sadly they both have personal bridge-crossing ideas and they are not willing to change. Knowing fully well that both parties were trained differently as they grew up.

Domestic violence, divorce, cheating are not part of God's plan for the marriage institution.
These days, couples easily go down that divorce road. Infact they have had it at the back of their mind before they even got into the marriage. 

It might not be a bed of roses. Even if it is remember beyond the floral parts of the rose, there exists thorns which can prick if not well handled.

God wants you to enjoy your marriage!



Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing!....phenomenal piece..
We need to stop seeing marriage as a "contract"

Anonymous said...


Sisi Yemmie ™ said...

Youve been a bad blogger...haba! Since April??? lol

I think marriage should be enjoyed!

Anonymous said...

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