Wednesday, February 10, 2010

A Life That Counts.

It has been some 12 days since my last post though its not that I have been away from Blogville but I have just not been able to get my fingers to type this post. lol.

I have not being able to post something on this blog since my birthday though I have being reflecting on one scripture of the bible that people usually make reference to for birthdays it says:

So teach us to number our days that we may apply our hearts to wisdom.

People only number their days on their birthdays forgetting the fact that
everyday our life actually counts.
Numbering your days would make you apply
your heart to wisdom.
Numbering does not mean counting or the arithmetic sum
of the days you have lived since birth it only a way of accounting for the life
that you live.
Now the question is how do I apply my heart to wisdom?

Applying wisdom gives you the understanding that as humans no matter how long we live, life is short so any opportunity we have to make our life count should be maximised.

I would rather have it said 'he lived usefully' than 'he died rich.' - Benjamin Franklin

Instead of seeing the world in terms of how much money he could make, Franklin saw the world in terms of how many people he could help. To Benjamin Franklin, being useful was his own reward.

Living a life that counts entails giving, loving, helping, serving, encouraging, adding value to others and impact the lives of other people positively.

My life would not just count in term of wealth or degrees.

So, is your life counting? Make you it count!

On a lighter mood.

Lest I forget thanks for all the love, phonecalls, sms, wallpost on Facebook and the gifts I did not get. lol

I hope you are doing great. ciao



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