Sunday, February 21, 2010

With or Without!

Some have food but cannot eat
Some can eat but have no food
We have food and we can eat
Glory be to thee oh Lord

This is a song we sang back in primary school at lunch time. Just a form of prayer said before having our lunch.
As a kid I understood the song. knowing that there are people who had food and those who did not have even in my class.
This is a reality of life. Some have food but cannot eat. Its not that they don't to but they just can't.
This could be by virtue of their disposition, mood, health condition, worries,
The fact is that the food is there but it can't be eaten. how painful. I have seen people who are on hospital beds and would love to eat but its just not possible they are being fed with fluids and pipes.
On the other hand, those who have the ability to eat, appetite and are hungry for food just don't have any food to eat. Thats an Irony of life.
And there are people who have food to eat and can eat it.
They do so without taking thought of the fact that there people living with the above conditions.
Above all whether there is food or not. Thank God for the gift of life, 'cos only the living can eat.

On a lighter note, the song has been rewritten by me

Some have Blog but they cannot post
Some can post but have no Blog
We have Blog and we can post
Glory be to thee oh Lord
Special thanks to GoodNaijaGirl for listing my Blog.


lafunky said...

Very interesting, its amazing how much lack there is in the world. Of course some have more than enough while others could barely make it through. We thank God for the position that we are in though.

On a lighter note...I feel touched and guilty at your rewritten verse...cos I have blog and I dont post...mercy plsssssss

blogoratti said...

That's just life. Some have things others don't, and others have things that some don't.

But lol@ your remix!
Folks who have been AWOL from blogger need to be singing that song..and real loud too.

Femme Lounge said...

very powerful song, even as a kid , it made a lot of sense to me too. lol@your new version!

i have a blog and i can post, glory be to God!

Remi said...

just navigated from Jaycee's blog - light-her-lamp..
I had to give a hearty laugh... at some have blog but cannot blog! lol. Too funny

I have blog and I can blog
Glory be to thee oh Lord Ameeeen!

Have a great week.

NBB said...

Thank God for Blogs

@lafunky we can only thank God and share what we have with those wo don't.

@blogoratti very true. I think so about the song too. Spread it. And may be we get an artiste who blogs to sing it too. lolz

@Femme Lounge The song gives me a nostalgic feeling. Glory be to God.

@Remi Thanks. Navigated to your blog too.

Suru said...

First time on your blog... Some are presidents but can't govern. Some can govern but aren't presidents. We... damn messed up, I guess we aren't presidents and cant govern lol

chayoma said...

That prayer always creeps into my mind in moments when i think i have nothing. Simple as it may be, it is powerful. We shld be content with what we have n not grumble cuz out there, r people in dire situations...
First time here ( i bliv)

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