Monday, March 1, 2010

YES or NO!

There are times in our lives when decisions are made by us or for us. Decisions we may be limited to either a yes or a no.

A few days ago I accompanied someone to the Lagos US embassy on Walter Carrington Crescent, VI, The road is well known cos its majorly occupied by embassies of US, UK, Germany, Italy, India, Finland, Bulgaria.
The US embassy is a place where as a visa applicant, the response you get is an approval or a denial in the form of a yes or a no.

It was an experience. I got there as early as past 7am cos the appointment was scheduled for 7.30am.
At this time the place was already full . I was only allowed to wait under a tree while I also enjoyed the view of the Lagos lagoon watching speed boats passing bye and also caught a view of Femi Otedola's £12 million yacht.

I waited for 4hrs before she was called in and she spent another 3hrs plus in the embassy all for a yes or no.
While I was waiting, as people came out of the embassy, you could easily say from the look on their faces and the way they walked the response they got. They could laugh, smile or just have a blank face. But for some people you just can't tell They hid their emotions and expressions.

Decisions can make or break us.
It is more natural to say yes. Its least confrontational its just agrees to wishes of other or going along with them and cos its not easy to say no so we comply.
Saying yes can also mean accountability on the respondents part it means you give your support and you are saying its ok.

Every choice you make has an end result- Zig Ziglar

Life is full of choices
Even living life is a choice
What to eat and how we eat it,
What to wear and how to wear it
Where to go and when to go
Who we love and how we love them
You choosing to read this blog is a decision.
Choosing life over death
Choosing to do right over wrong
Choosing good over evil.
Marriages are made on decisions
Business deals are sealed on decision
We live in a world where you have to make decision or It will be made for you.
Make you choices carefully especially when under pressure
Never be in a haste
Seek God's choice and counsel
A bad or wrong choice can be devastating
Choose right!


Suru said...

I've had that embassy experience even though I was very young then. My mom was already in the US but still my own experience was complicated so I can't imagine how others feel. life is about choices.

Good Naija Girl said...

Great message! I appreciate it. I'm wrangling with a couple of decisions and it's for this very reason – not wanting to make a wrong choice – that I am taking my time. And I am definitely seeking God's counsel, which is good for me (as I often forget to).

I hope your friend received a favourable response.

Myne Whitman said...

Thanks for sharing this, life is all about choices and we have to be careful to make the right ones.

NBB said...

@Suru very true, life is about choices.

@GNG Thanks for the appreciation. I think this is ur first time here. Its better to take ur time and make the right decisions than making a rash decision. God's counsel is alway good.

@Myne Whitman i think this ur first time here too. Thanks. We really need to be careful about the making the right choice.

I appreciate you all.

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