Friday, March 5, 2010

The Memories of My Father

365 x 2 days ago I received a call telling me my father was no more.
It took me a while to understand what this meant.
Especially the fact that I ceased to have a person I can call Daddy
I can still remember what it feels like as a kid,
The feeling of a freshly shaved beard as you cuddle me
You wanted the very best for us and gave your best
You never spared the rod when it was necessary
A trained accountant, but you were also my English language teacher
Ensuring my essays were well written
I remember all the discipline you inputed
I now know it was part of the process and it was the best
Even when I did not get all I wanted
I now realise I've been given all I need, the care, the love.
Those who don't have it crave for it.

You were fearless and dauntless
Very principled
You always craved for a better life
You gave your best
I know if you have more you would not hold back
Humorous, firm, strict, principled, disciplined, accountable are some of the words that describe you.
The truth is if I had another opportunity to chose again
My choice would not be different

A lecturer of mine would always say
To whom much is given, much is expected
You have given much,
I pray I will be able to give my children much more that I have received.
Thank God, We have an heavenly father.
He has always been there.
Words fail me to express my thoughts and feelings
But one thing is sure
We will always miss you. Dad.


Suru said...

Fist time here... Rest in Peace to your dad...

Suru said...

Actually it's not my first time here now that I scrolled down I've been on here before now following you lol


First time here. Found your blog cos you started following me on twitter. I am following your blog now. Expect me every now and then.

About this post, wow, the place of a father has lots of weight and I understand how you feel from your handwriting. May His soul rest in peace.

Thank God for our father in heaven. His love extends beyond the ocean. It knows no beginning, neither does it have an end. He is love revealed, Himself. Praise God!


NBB said...

Thanks for the commments

@Suru i know u have been here before. lol. Thanks again.
@LDP Thanks for the follow. God's love extends beyond the oceans. I'll be expectin you Thanks.

olaoluwatomi said...

Touching! Nice tribute to your dad!

Bomi Jolly - said...

May his soul rest in peace... Very touching!

NBB said...

@olaoluwatomi thanks for the comment

@bomi jolly Amen. Thanks too,

Good Naija Girl said...

This is beautiful...may your dad continue to rest in peace. I'm sure you will be everything he hoped you would be – and more.

openMIC said...

May he find peace as he rests, coz he knows so well that he brought up a good son, and that his being his English Language teacher has born bounty of fruits

Gbemisoke said...

May his soul continue to rest in peace. Indeed, the memory of the righteous is blessed.


Dupe said...

Adeolu,like you said he is the best dad ever,He has ever been a father to us all in discipline,love and care.I love him so much,and he is really missed because is role can never be replaced among the Fadares and the impart he has had on all us of.Rest in peace Daddy.

NBB said...

@Gbemisoke Thank you so much

@Dupe Thanks sis, he is really missed!

Oluchi Ugwu said...

That's a touching tribute. The people we love never die; they always live on in our hearts.

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