Sunday, March 28, 2010

I Let Go, I Let God

Source: Photobucket

For all my cares and worries
The things that trouble me
Having my heart pound restlessly
All I can do is to let loose
Free myself from its Hold
If only I can be Bold
I'll surrender to Him Alone
I know ill be safe
In the hollow of His hands

I'll stay out of the Cold situation
and I would not join the ungodly Fold
I wont only have Gold, but I'll live till I'm Old
I wont be Sold and be Told
Please in your Comments don't put lol'd. he he



"When your dreams are broken in the dust
and you've lost the will to go on
let go and let God.."

Love the song. great words too bro :)


Jaycee said...

Your poem reminds me that this life I live, is not my own.

And the song does the same thing to me...

"I surrender my all"

(thanks, why were u think we'd say LOL? Lol)

Shona said...

Great poem and the song I like it. Have not heard it before, who sang it?

Suru said...

I actually went to church today and I'm still in that church mood. Let go and let God indeed

NBB said...

@LDP thanks bro love the song too

@Jaycee very true. Our life is not ours. about the lolz, I was just trying to rhyme

@Shona Thanks, not sure of the artist, stumbled on it on Youtube.

@Suru Let Go, Let God. thanks too.

Thanks for all your comments.

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