Saturday, April 3, 2010

I'm April Wise!

April Fool in Denmark. Source: Wikipedia

Every 1st of April is  marked as April Fools Day . A day that is recognised for the playing of pranks on people, friends, family,etc commissioning hoaxes or sending people on a fool's errand like wikipedia puts it
The day started off with a follower on  twitter waking me up from my sleep to play a prank on me. It was a good one.
 Secondly, I fell for  Vera's prank saying she was moving to Nigeria.  Until I got to the end of the story. I should have known Vera better and I promise not to take her seriously again. (at least on April 1st).

Thirdly, it was a news I read about the Pope resigning. I had to go check CNN and BBC when I did not find it there then it dawned on me that I had been pranked.

After these 3 pranks I fell for no other. I guess I got April wise or I had mastered their prank pattern. Some other people tried but I was expecting it so I never fell for it. he he
At a point i thought of pulling a fast one on someone but I think I was nice enough to call it off
This April is going to be a great month for me, better than March. For me March was a very fast month probably because I had a lot of things I had to do in a limited time.
This April I need wisdom to do all I will be laying my hands on this month cos wisdom is very key.

Wisdom is the main thing; get wisdom, and with all your getting, get understanding. - Prov 4:7

Wisdom is the correct application of knowledge, but you need to understand, that is know the purpose of the things  you do.
I pray God guides our path this month.
Have a great month.
With Loads of Love.


sosexy said...

First time here..Nice post.Myne and Vera's pranks really topped the chat and to think i believed!Still sulking..Lol

Anonymous said...

This is quiet an interesting piece, The only time i was pranked was when i was told my shop in jhb had burned down, i never know how i drove to the shop only to find out it was in perfect peace...Never burnt at all, From that day i swore i will make use of April Fool day..but making sure i never hurt anyone. just fun. thank u for this motivation. WISDOM leads to best decisions.

Suru said...

Nice writeup will be following your blog. No one really got me but some of my friends were pranked. Nice piece on wisdom.

Jaycee said...

Did you see the one about Google changing their brand name to "TOPEKA"? Lol. I didn't fall for Vera's trick because someone gave her away on twitter. I fell for Myne Whitman's prank though. Sssheeesh!

Myne Whitman said...

Ohh, I love playing pranks and I took advantage of April fools to yank some legs, lol. I try not to give people HBP though.

Thanks for sharing on wisdom, it is really important.

NBB said...

@sosexy Thanks for visiting, checked ur blog our too. I was caught unawares by their pranks

@Anonymous Thanks for commenting, wisdom leads too good decisions

@Suru thanks for following, I think i'm following ur blog already.

@Jaycee thanks for always commenting, its appreciated.

@Myne whitman good prank u played on April 1st. but pls dont give people HBP.

All your comments are sincerely appreciated. love y'all

yankeenaijababe said...

Myne got me me. She's so nutty for doing that to us in blog world. April wise is really smart, we all need it
Happy Easter to you, hope all is going great. You stay blessed

olaoluwatomi said...

May His wisdom be yours this month and always!

blogoratti said...

April..have a great month ahead!

gidiasianbabe said...

lol at you being april wise,thanks for coming to my blog,have a good and fulfilling month

NBB said...

@yankeenaijababe myne played a good one. sure we all need to be April wise. hope u had a good easter.

@olaoluwatomi Amen to that and I pray the same for you too. thanks

@blogoratti have a lovely month.

@gidiasianbabe thanks too.

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