Saturday, May 22, 2010

The Will to CHANGE....

Your Story taught me a lesson
Never to give in
On hope, my dreams, faith, or life in general
Your will to change inspires me
You sought to have a better life
Tired of living the mediocre life.

Late last year I met this young guy who had a story in which I saw the will of a person to change.
He was born and he also grew up in the UK. He grew up thinking nobody liked him coupled with the fact that his parents were separated so he knew little of a fatherly and motherly care. All they provided him was the money he needed to do the things he wanted The only love he seemed to find is amongst his friend who engaged in a lot of unwholesome activities. He had joined a gang. Gangs are not just meant for fun. He was exposed to gang fights, violence, drugs and other social vices. The marks on his body can tell a lot of stories

At a particular point in his life, he got to a point where he did not find satisfaction in the things he did, he wanted a change but knew nowhere to find it. He wanted to commit suicide but I believe it was God that made this impossible. The change actually started when one of his gang mate was killed and some went to jail for other offences. I really don't know how he escaped that. 
He then realised that his association with this gang would not change anything in him. He craved for a change but he did not know how. His environment was not helping either. All the influences were putting pressure on him to return to his ways. 
During summer in the particular yeah he came to Nigeria with his mum and since then has been around. It was an escape from the influence and his old ways.
Now starting a new life is not easy. Habit are not just things that we can easily drop. But with the help of God this guy got back to school in Nigeria. now he should be studying law in one of the universities.

He is doing very well now. He has his priorities right. He has the oppurtunity to live a life of affluence now but he has chosen not to. He now knows his boundaries and things that can influence him.
Things can change, change is inevitable
But note that change can be for better or worse.
The willingness to change, to life a better life is what moves me in this story. You need to hear him speak. He has been through a lot.
His story taught me a lot. For a person to say "I want to change", This  is a major step but dont stop at saying you must believe in the change. Can you remember the "Change We Believe in"  campaign of President Obama in the last American presidential election campaign? That was a great change in the history of American politics
I have not been involved in social vices. I don't have any habits I'm dealing with. So does that make having some things change about me easier? I don t think so.
The will to change is key. But the natural man resists change. He is used to having things work the way they are. He is used to the status quo.  Tell him its going to change you might just create more problems for him.
There are changes we can control and there are changes that we cannot influence the outcome.
We live in an ever changing world.
Only those with the will to change and are prepared for the change will weather the storm a change might bring.
Change is coming, Be prepared

What is your Perception of Change?


HmusicK said...

First of all, Adeolu, I want to say an awesome post, mate! That story is very inspiring and I am so happy for him. He found the strength from himself and God to make everything possible.

Changing your ways is always hard. Very hard. But when you take actions and believe in it you can make it.

Willing is important. Respect yourself and never give up. Bible says to respect all, including yourself. You are precious human beings.

Change is coming.

Shona said...

What a story!!!! I am always inspired and touched by people who step out and refuse to be victims of circumstances. With God once you make a decision to be better and take action He will be there to help. May God continue to work in this young man's life.

Change is often very uncomfortable but like you rightly said only those with the will to change and are willing/prepared to change can weather the storms change can bring.

sosexy said...

Its not easy to change.. The challenges and temptations that abound..
Nice post..

Jaycee said...

"I have not been involved in social vices. I don't have any habits I'm dealing with. So does that make having some things change about me easier? I don t think so."


NBB said...

@HmusicK willingness is very important. very true

@shona people's story of change really inspires me too.
@sosexy very true it is not easy to change.

@Jaycee sis, thanks for the comment


Omo mehn, what a story! Change is not easy o, especially when it comes to habits formed over time. No matter where you go, it follow you. It reminds me of when I was addicted to gambling. I used to be very good at playing soccer on playstation and that got me into betting with people for money. I prayed, cried, sought advice, yet it was hard to get out but God saw me through. Its been over 7 years now, I have never held my hand out to gamble even a dollar. God is the unchangeable changer. He changed me.

Adeolu, has your friend met Jesus? If not, tell him that his will alone cannot do it. He needs Jesus. Thanks for sharing his story with us.


Myne Whitman said...

So sexy and LDP have said my mind. I hope your friends gets all the strength he needs, good friends like you are a great support.

NBB said...

@LDP thanks. The Guy has met Christ. i just pray he stays strong in him.

@Myne Whitman he sure needs the strenght to stay on.

NakedSha said...

oh wow!

Anonymous said...

Change is never easy. Good thing he's got to that stage. Now what he needs is support.

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