Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Ten Things I Love

So I was tagged by Suru, NakedSha to do the Ten Things I love Post.

1.God - this is His place.He is always First. God is Love! He is the essence of Life. The Father of all creation

2. Family- I love my family: my parents, my siblings and relations. They have always been there. I value family

3. People/Friends- I love being around my friends, meeting new ones and keeping them.

4. Writing - I know I have a gift to write so i'm trying to harness it. i love it. "If it is not written it does not exist"

5. My Laptop -Wow. this one ehhhn.. I can count the days I have been without my laptop. I'm addicted to it. Its getting old though. I need to replace it (God loves a cheerful giver). btw its saying hi. lol

6. Internet- It one of the greatest inventions, I can hardly do without it. on the mobile or PC.

7. Music & singing. I can sing. Really I can. and I love listening to music too. I'm very choosy though,

8. Photography & Pictures I love taking pictures. I only need to have a reason to capture an event and thats all. I love collecting pictures too. Can't wait to get my own camera (God loves another cheerful giver. lol).

9. Helping people/Volunteering I can over do this one. My heart just goes out to the helpless. Wish I can do more.

10. I Love YOU for reading this.

Watchout for 10 things I will love to do

Please drop a comment let me know you came. That is why I Love you.




Nice compilations of the stuff u like. #7 comes to me like you are trying to convince someone you really can sing... perhaps someone's heard you fumble before. haha (just kidding).


NakedSha said...


lol, LDP; he's just saying. :)

dee ola said...

I think it should have been 11 things and

11. I love Cheerful

i like

BBB said...

you can sing??
and u didnt sing that day
let me catch u d day we see next

Jaycee said...

God, writing, my laptop, and Photography. ME TOOOOOOOOO!!!!! LOL.

yankeenaijababe said...

love ur list....really nice!

Myne Whitman said...

This is a nice list especially the last, love you too. Take care and enjoy the rest of the week.

olaoluwatomi said...

Nice list, im inspired to go write mine:) Your list shows you have your priorities right!

NBB said...

@LDP just wait for my album hen! lol

@Nakedsha yeah fundamentals. don't mind LDP

@dee ola ok I love cheerful givers, I guess ure one abi so...

@BBB i can. I did sing just that u know we had alot of people singing that day. lol

@Jaycee Nice thing to have in common.

@Myne Whitman thank love you. Enjoy your week too.

@yankeenaijababe thanks!

@olaoluwatomi thanks. You should write yours too. I should have tagged you but i just assumed everyone would have done this. So I'm tagging you and everyone who reads this.


Good list. really....

Nona said...

You didn't tell me you could sing. Lol. Since when was this!?
You have a talent for writing. You need to keep up with it. Never lose it!

Suru said...

I love this list! I love you for reading my blog too lol

NBB said...


@Nona well we have never talked about singing i guess. I used to sing since I was a kid. Can u sing. thanks i will keep it up.:)

@Suru Thanks for the loving too. too:)

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