Saturday, July 2, 2011

Half Time...

The referee blew the whistle which signalled the end of the first half of the game. That brought the chase after the ball to a halt. All the players looking tired, walked sluggishly as they approached the dressing room entrance. It had been an engaging 45mins.
For the two teams, the tales were different. They had both sides of the coin each to themselves. This was a crucial game and as with other games, no one would be happy to lose. In fact they didn't fail to prepare so the issue of preparing to fail wouldn't come in here. The next 45 mins would determine who wins the trophy in this crucial final of the prestigious league
For the winning team, their coach's job is to ensure they sustain the victory and score more goals while keeping the lead and from his words he told his team " boys we can do more than this, we can keep our lead and ultimately win the league. We are 45 mins away from the title".
During this 15 minutes break, the coach reviews the last 45 minutes of the game with his players and they discuss the game plan for the second half, the strategy, the changes to be made which will ultimately ensure they win the game.
It is usually a closed door session, to keep journalists, fans and other people away. This usually avoids distraction and keeps the game plan of each team in the right hands.
For the other team, their game needs to change, they can’t continue to play the same way and expect different results. They need to do much more than they did in the first half; they can’t accept a defeat just yet. Their coach told them “It is not over until we win, if we accept our defeat now then we have failed, we have all it takes to win this game, we have come this far and we won’t give up. The next 45 mins will make a difference if we take the challenge. We are 45 mins away from the title”
Both teams took into cognisance that their rival is not resting on its hoarse
The 15 mins talk is over and its left for either of the teams to take the game. Its either they win or they lose.
This is the half of the year 2011. The last 6 months has been a crucial part of our lives, but more importantly, is what we do with the days ahead.
Goals that have been set can still be achieved, in career, family, relationships, business, etc. Like this game of football there is an opportunity to change the game and accomplish everything you have set for the year.

  • Review the past 6 months
  • Check the goals you have set
  • What does God want you to do?
  • Set new goals
  • Act!!!
In life, starting well is important but much more important than that is finishing well and strong

Better is the end of a thing than the beginning thereof; - Ecclesiastes 7:8


DIDI said...

This is Inspiring..

Anonymous said...

..deep and profound..
Thanks for sharing..


pc_pepe said...


Muse Origins said...

True that- it doesn't matter how you started, it's how you ended

PS. I've changed my blog url! I decided to keep the blog on Blogger after all. Check out the link: Sorry for the inconvenience X_x

Muse Origins (formerly The Corner Shop)

NBB said...

Thanks for the comments

@MuseOrigin The new url is noted

Vera Ezimora said...

I haven't met all my goals. I'm scared that six months have passed. Although I've done some things, I still feel grossly underaccomplished.


The coming week will determine a lot. So help me God. Pray for me. Pray that God's favor meets me. Amen.


Oracle said...

I love the way you eventually related the football piece to real life.

Deep and inspiring

La Reine (whoiamisme) said...

I almost ran away because of the footie intro, but I'm glad I stuck with it. I'll be sharing this.
Very nice.

NBB said...

@Vera God's favour is yours. Go for it!

@Oracle thanks for the comment

@La Riene Im glad you read through. You're free to share.

Anonymous said...


Chizy K said...

I love this, so inspirational

unizik community said...

In life, starting well is important but much more important than that is finishing well and strong i love this thanks for the post

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