Monday, April 11, 2011

Google is My Friend!

On this faithful day, I got a message on my blackberry from RIM telling me I needed to revalidate my gmail account. Meaning something was wrong with my account or password.
I tried to reenter the password and after several attempts which proofed futile, I decided to try it on a PC and then it dawned on me that my goggle account was deactivated due to the unusual activities noticed on my account by Google.

I did not realise the consequence of not having access to my account until I remembered it warehouses my blogger account, reader, docs, picassa, youtube, etc.
Consequently, I checked my blog link and it was no where to be found. My Blog was deactivated. Does it mean all my posts were gone? My emails disappeared?

The only option I was left with is to reactivate by answering questions that will provide details that shows I am the real account holder after a few attempts to reset the password. Details like frequently emailed contacts, the date I opened the account, the Google services I used and the date I started to use them, my last login date for the services, etc. Sigh!
As much as I could, I provided the details and in a few minutes I was able to recover my account. on logging in I saw a message informing me my account was hacked from India and the details including the IP address of the hacker was also given. the hacker had attempted to send spam messages with my email when Google deactivated the account due to the suspicious activity.

The promptness of the response is one thing I would say amazed me cos Ive had similar issues with my Yahoo and Hotmail accounts. The Hotmail account remains unresolved till date.
My 4 year old Google account still had the simple password I had registered with so it made it easy to crack. So in your best interest secure you accounts with passwords that cant be easily hacked or compromised by having a combination of characters and symbols.
what more can I say Google is my friend.
Good to be back.



Yankeenaijababe said...

Quite hilarious and interesting post, google is my friend how much for google chrome, makes everything easier to

Have a fun Monday.

olaoluwatomi said...

Nice! I am tripped that it didn't take too long to have the issue resolved.

NBB said...

@Yankeenaijababe how did i miss out Google chrome,it has been my fav browser. thanks for the comment
@Olaoluwatomi It was a prompt response. thanks

Myne Whitman said...

Thanks for sharing this in case any of us have the same experience. Like you Google is the gateway to most of my activities online. Glad your account was reactivated with no wahala.

Folarin Kolawole said...

Great notes Nbb...keep it up.

The Corner Shop said...

OMG!! This just happened to me with my personal google account. Thing is i don't really email people from there, and i have no IDEA when it was opened. Maybe i should just answer as much as i can?

These hackers are messed up :(


NBB said...

@mynewhitman you need to secure that Gateway. :D thanks for the comment

@Folarin Kolawole thanks. I'll do that :)

@The Corner shop They don't require answers that are 100% accurate. A high degree of accuracy of your answer is however required. Give it a shot

Hirra said...

Lucky you.
oh yeah google is ah mazing!

NikkiSho said...

Good to know,just in case i have the same problem.Thanks for sharing

HoneyDame said...

Uhm...thanks for letting that out

Anonymous said...

I have hair routine on my blog

Oracle said...

Well I've not had that experience yet, but I don't think I wanna wait till it happens.


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