Saturday, June 5, 2010

...Dump site to Fame

I'm always inspired by stories of change. I watched a feature story on this particular guy who a few weeks back would not believe  he would be seen all over the world (BBC, YouTube, etc)and even have the opportunity to travel or even shoot his music video in  London.

Eric Obuh had been a scavenger and all he did was to source for scraps and sell them at the dump yard just to make a living. Along side he was a musician and also used the little money he got from the dump yard to support his music.
 ...every bit of scrap he finds brings him one step closer to his dream of launching his music career- BBC

His life had a new turn when he was featured on the controversial BBC documentary,  "Welcome to Lagos" in the first episode he was one of the major characters and he shared his experience on the dump yard. He also had the opportunity to share his music with  millions of people around the world. A rare opportunity many artists who have been in music for years do not have.

I  would be right if I say his story can be tagged "the dump site to fame". Its a story of change.
The documentary brought him to limelight and he is no more a scavenger. Although he was denied a UK visa for a concert on the 31st of May he still has hope of traveling sometimes in June.

PS:  I was not a fan of the Welcome to Lagos documentary. I believe there are better stories of Lagos which could be told, not just the slums, the dump sites or the shanties. This documentary could just be the single story of Lagos that would be told to people around the world.
If you have a story of change to share please foward it to i'll be glad to feature it on this blog. 

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HmusicK said...

Unfortunately media (specially channels like BBC) sometimes wants to show the dumb side of places in their documentaries. Though I am glad that the documentary changed his life for better. :)

NakedSha said...

Vocal Slender made my heart smile too.
Nigerians are amazing!!!!!

Meanwhile, we're thankful that something nice came out of the doc.

NBB said...

@hmusick im happy about the change too thanks:D

@Nakedsha im consoled by the vocal slender's story. :)

fabladyH said...

yeah, i wasn't a fan of the welcome to Lagos documentary but i fell in love with vocal slender he was my guy in the show.. ha ha

Fabulo-la said...

Is he really no more a scavenger for real??

Myne Whitman said...

Vocal Slender was really blessed. And congrats on your awards.

sbo said...

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