Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The E72's 5 Mega Pixel

As an hobby, I love taking photographs and I have found the E72 very handy.
Especially with the quality of images you can get from a 5 Mega Pixel on a phone. This is another great feature of the E72.
Here are some of the pictures taken with the E72
Churchgate & Afribank Building

Eko Court


A veiw from Eko Hotels

Eko Hotel New Expo Centre

An areal veiw on Victoria Island




Cool pics...

Myne Whitman said...

Those cloud pics are intense. Nice camera function on a phone.

NBB said...

Yeah thanks I love the pics too I will post more with time.

fabladyH said...

great pics..

HmusicK said...

Wow, nice pictures!

Mpho Makola said...

Absolutetly stunning pics! Love the Afribank one and the one of the Expo center.

Alice said...

Great to see the pictures in VI. It is really beautiful.

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