Friday, June 11, 2010


A few weeks back, I was introduced to the WOMworld/Nokia program that allows you to have a two-week trial of some selected Nokia mobile phone by a blogger friend of mine. So I got the phone delivered this week.

The package was sent through  DHL 

Still unwrapped

Removed DHL seal
Still with a wrapper

Just the box

Showing everything out of the box

E72 in my hand

First webpage launched

The BH 804 bluetooth Headset... 

E72 connected to USB

I'm loving the E72 so far. It has got great features and I will be doing a review of these features:

  • Compact QWERTY keyboard
  • Navigation system via Nokia Maps + GPS
  • Great performance,   4GB of memory card, Wifi, 3G
  • Excellent and long-lasting battery performance
  • Optical Navi Key™ 
  • High-quality images and video using the 5 megapixel digital camera
These are just some of the major features.

UPDATE: Thanks for the nomination and voting for my blog at the Nigerian Blog awards. It was an awesome experience.


HmusicK said...


BBB said...

are u for real
abeg sign me up
ehen in dis nigeria??

Nutty J. said...

Looks nice...


Myne Whitman said...

Looks good too. So do you get to keep it?

Jaycee said...

Oh wow. Really nice. Do you have to send it back after 2 weeks?


Wait o.. do you get to keep it? If yes, me too wan review o. lol


2cute4u said...

First time here and I'm actually shocked that it is.. Thought I had been here way back.. My bad..
Is this for real?
Nice deal though..

NBB said...

Its just for a 2 week trial so u have to send it back :)

@2cute4u its for real. thanks for stopping bye

WOMWorld/Nokia said...

Hi guys,

Yes, we are for real! Follow us on Twitter @WOMWorldnokia and say hello... we look forward to chatting with you there :)


Chris, WOMWorld/Nokia

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