Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Navigation with the E72

One great feature I have enjoyed in the Nokia E72 is the GPS + Nokia Maps. Its a free Global Navigation system
I have been navigation with the phone and realise you cant miss your way with it.
You can search for streets, roads and location. 
It can assist you in driving to a particular location by determining the best route to your destination.
The interesting part is if you decide to drive or walk using another route it automatically gives you an alternative route to your destination.

When driving with the map, it shows your speed, the time it will take to reach your destination,  the total distance and the distance to the next turn.

 It also shows the name of the street you are on and the street you are heading to.

Red circle dot showing present location

Map showing longitude and latitude


Myne Whitman said...

That looks really clever. But I have heard that outside VI and Lagos Island, Nokia Maps has a lot of holes? Have you tried out the mainland?

Fabulo-la said...

Does it only work in Lagos??

HmusicK said...

Nice. :) E72 rocks!


Absolutely awesome but I am no longer in love with Nokia. Off to BB very very soon.


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