Sunday, November 21, 2010

Blog Anniversary

366 days ago, I posted the very first article on this blog. I'm very grateful to God, the giver of life for the opportunity he has given me to share my thoughts through My Writing.
I started this blog after reading some blogs. I was inspired by the depth of their creativity, passion, uniqueness, and style.
Alot has happened in the course of the year....from career, relationships, life commitments but its been the best year so far. I started with updating every week and this went for a few months until, career and other life commitment placed more demand on my time.
This blog was nominated for the Nigerian Blog Award, The Best New Blog Category.

God is my main inspiration. These blogs/bloggers have also inspired me....

The creative mischief of Vera and her talk show - Verastically speaking
The inspiring articles by Jaycee- Light her lamp
The motivation from Le Dynamique Professeur
The Style and creativity of Good Nigerian Girl
The lovely stories written by Myne Whitman
I appreciate their consistency.

Ive also been touched by the following bloggers too.
1Hmusick A young finish passionate about blogging, Leggy, Skryb, Fabulola, NakedSha's poetry, FabladyH, YNC, Harry ..and the list goes on and on...

I specially thank my sister Bolanle for believing in me....
Deola helping me with some of my articles....
Lafunky for all the encouragements...

I have also met alot of people I can call my brothers, sisters and friends through this blog, twitter and Facebook

I appreciate my readers, followers, fellow bloggers, and my twitter family.Thanks for always stopping bye to read my blog.
Love you all.



NovemberMiracle said...


Happy first!!! May God grant you ...
more years of blogging,
more friends through blogging
and more words to keep you going

Wishing you an exciting year ahead and stories to share :)

NakedSha said...


I'm honored to be mentioned. Bless

Just Me! said...

So how do I get a part of this lovely cake? I am equally grateful to God on your behalf, I understand some of the things you have been through during this past year and I am bold to say you have come out a conqueror. keep the flag flying bros, u are always loved.

Thanks for mentioning my name!

Anonymous said...

................yay!! update,Christmas has come
Congrats!........keep up the good work,...reach for the stars!


leggy said...

awwwww....congratulations on your blog anniversary.
i should get back to blogging mehn!!

Myne Whitman said...

Thank you so much Deola! :)

Congratulations on your anniversary, it has been great getting to know you through blogging too. I hope you keep writing, I have loved by reading some of your posts too.

Remain blessed.

Skryb said...

Thanx so much...I love that you appreciate me...much love
Congratulations and may you continue to inspire and have many more years of sharing your thoughts and ideas with us
God bless you


Congrats on your blogoversary.

You are one in a million bro and I always enjoy reading from this platform. It is my prayer that God will continue to lift you as you journey towards your purpose in destiny.

God bless you sir.

Le Dynamique Professeur (LDP)

Good Naija Girl said...

Congratulations on one year of blogging! Just as I can tell you feel blessed by the experience, you are blessing others. I'm thankful for the mention too...I really appreciate it.

I hope you'll continue to blog for years to come.

Vera Ezimora said...

Awwwww! Thanks, honey!!! And happy blog birthday!! My blog is four, going on five. Yippee!! By His grace, I'll celebrate my blog's 5th birthday with a bang!

Happy birthday again, love. And thanks for mentioning. I thank God for the opportunity to inspire you

yankeenaijababe said...

Really...that was a sweet surprise, I wish you many more happy blog birthdays, hope to hear more from you in 2011. Stay blessed always.

NBB said...

@NovemberMiracle thanks for the prayers

@NakedSha thanks :)

@Just Me! I hope u got the cake i sent.I owe you :)

@bugsbunny12 yeah! Christmas has come early. thanks

@leggy you should get back....i guess you have been busy with some other things though. thanks.

@Myne Withman Deolu u meant to say? lol. I hope I keep writing too

@Skryb thanks Mary.

@LDP thanks for the prayer bro.

@GNG thanks. I hope I continue. :)

@Vera wow! 5 years of consistency thumbs up.thanks

@yankeenaijababe I'll sure create time for what i love doing. 2011 will be diff. thanks

Loads of love. XX

Jaycee said...

Awww...Happy Blogiversary. Sincerely, it's been such a pleasure to have connected with you. Cheers to many more years of writing and connecting. May God bless your pen and everything else that you touch. CONGRATULATIONSSSSS...:)

HmusicK said...

Thanks for the mention! That's great. I love you too.

NBB said...

@Jaycee Thanks for the prayers. I appreciate it :)

@Hmusick thanks

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